Happy Birthday!!!

Hello world!!!

I’m very happy to announce the release and birth of the AKKURAT Journal. 

The talented French director François Rousselet kicks off our “TÊTE-À-TÊTE” series. It was planned as a podcast but became a printed magazine. Yes, it’s a bit old-school but we love it.

Each issue of the magazine will portray a hand-picked creative that we as the collective love, work/worked with, or feel inspired by. It’s filled with great conversations — talking about self-development, being honest about the industry, and it tries to portray the artist’s portfolio, recent projects, as well the human being behind them. The journal will never really follow the rules and guidelines that a more established publication would. Its purpose is to generate interest and eliminate boredom. There is no long-term revenue strategy. We focus solely on making it as fun as possible for us to do. But — perhaps this itself is a solid strategy, not a lack of one.

There will only be limited printed editions. After a while we will release an eMag as well. The next issue is already in the pipeline — so stay tuned!

We’re really happy that this side project has turned out so great. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it too! Thanks again to everybody involved.

Now lean back with a glass of fine beverage and have a read!

- Andreas -